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Welcome! Thank you for considering Impairment Rating Specialists for evaluating your claim. We offer comprehensive claim evaluations to expedite your claims. Our reports are all reviewed for correctness and compliance with the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by a California QME/DWC Educator and experience as Certified Independent Medical Evaluators (CIME) with prior educational certificates from the American Board of Independent Medical Evaluators.

We understand that a correct, complete and accurate rating is the cornerstone of effective claim management. A referral to Impairment Rating Specialists reflects your attention to detail and the highest level of professional  claim management, by choosing an independent evaluator to verify impairment and disability for your clients and patients.

If you would like to perform excellent impairment ratings within your own practice, or you would simply like someone to take over the impairment rating altogether, try RateFast, an Impairment Rating Service designed and created by Dr. John Alchemy himself!


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Click here to meet our Medical Director, Dr. John Alchemy, MD, QME, CIME, MRO. Click here to meet our Legal Direction, Mr. Phil Neal Walker, Esq and AMA Expert, Author and Public Speaker.

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Workers’ comp providers are in high demand. Unfortunately, turning workers’ comp into a lucrative part of a medical practice is challenging, especially for providers who are new to the field. That’s why we created RateFast — California workers’ compensation software. RateFast guides physicians, midlevels, and staff members through the entire workers’ comp process. Learn more about RateFast for medical providers.