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Forensic Chart Reviews:

A comprehensive chart review and summary report for the applicant and primary treating physician. This service is utilized for provides who have the primary treater designation on a claim that may have elements that are out of their scope of practice.


  1. Address the applicant’s period of temporary total disability
  2. Address multiple prior claim histories of an applicant for causation.
  3. Address pre-existing, non-industrial conditions for causation or apportionment.
Claim Salvage and Treatment Re-Design: 

A comprehensive “360 degree review” of a claim in any status of treatment/adjudication.

This service is designed to assist the applicant, doctor and adjuster to refocus the management of the claim to move forward. This product is particularly useful for claims that are in excess of 180 days with no surgery or interventional treatment contemplated in the following one year.

First, a Forensic Chart Review is carried out to update the parties with and easy to understand case summary. Second, a Summary in Brief is presented that incorporates clinical report findings, significant physical exam and imaging findings, and other pertinent objective chart findings.

Finally, evidence based treatment considerations based on the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (2nd Edition) protocols and the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) are provided to assist the treating provider with suggested treatment options.

If the exam, or chart documents are outdated, this product may be combine with a comprehensive type face to face visit with the applicant. This is an excellent tool for multi body location/system injuries that are out of the scope of practice for the primary treating physician.